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Hey all-

We have a big work party coming up this Saturday, April 29th, starting at noon, at our Fertility Garden on NE Garfield and Failing (behind Nedd Ludd restaurant). We will work until the work is done, re-covering and repairing the greenhouse, leveling the floor so it is wheelchair accessible, tending to the chicken coupe, weeding and tending the garden beds...SO MUCH TO DO! We'd love all the help we can get! So, if you have any time to give this coming Saturday, please join us! We'll be having a big "thank you" party after with free food and beverages! All are welcome! Please bring gloves and water!
Thank you in advance and we hope to see your shining faces there!😁
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Barter Market Moment

The line moves slowly, but the people in it are unconcerned, chatting and laughing in the warm evening air. Every few minutes, the line moves a few steps forward and conversation breaks as attention turns to the produce filling the adjacent tables. People consider kale and spinach, arugula and chives, snap peas, rhubarb, even flowers and kombucha, adding what they’d like to the bags or baskets in their hands before resuming their conversations and waiting to weigh their newly acquired veggies.This is the scene at the Urban Farm Collective’s Monday evening barter market, which launched in early June and will run through October.The UFC is a collaboration of multiple community gardens across Portland which run on volunteer hours and contribute to a weekly market during the summer season. The market is non-monetized and open to those

who volunteer in with the UFC. Volunteers trade their hours for produce during the summer season. Remaining produce at the end of each market is donated to the food bank at St. Andrews Church on Alberta Street, which is also where the market is held.

For those who have been with the UFC since its gardens started work in February of this year, the markets are a gloriously sunny celebration of the hours of work they put in during the colder, rainier months. And for people just discovering the UFC, the markets perfectly highlight the strong community that has grown around the collective.

~Molly Simas


UFC volunteers redeem their hours for shares of the harvest


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