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Come learn how to make some of your favorite garden plants into medicine! We will discuss the medicinal benefits of the plants we are using and how to properly make them into an oil and salve. The workshop is free and for $5 you can bring home a 2oz tin of the medicine we will be making. Can't wait to see you there! Contact Lizzy Simpson for questions or details. ... See MoreSee Less

Herbal Salve Making Workshop

August 5, 2017, 4:00pm - August 5, 2017, 5:00pm

Come learn how to make some of your favorite garden plants into medicine! We will discuss the medicinal benefits of the plants we are using and how to properly make them into an oil and salve. The wor...

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Grand Dekum

dekum panorama

Location: 6800 NE Grand Ave, at the corner of NE Dekum and Grand

Square Footage: ~4,500

Garden manager: Allison Gilroy <allisongilroy@gmail.com> and Em Halleen

Work Parties: Mondays 2pm-5pm, Fridays 10am-2pm

kaleIn 2014, Grand Dekum is in its fourth year as a UFC Garden. In past growing seasons, the garden has grown a variety of brassicas, flowers, perennial herbs, potatoes, greens, pole beans, and lettuces. In 2013, Grand Dekum focused on legumes and the apiaceae plant family, such as carrots, parsley, fennel, parsnips, and celery. Additional stars that made an appearance in our garden that season were sunflowers, basil, strawberries, and the continued presence of our herbs and roses. We welcome anyone to our garden to get their hands in the soil!

In 2013, Dekum also focused on taking steps toward water self-sufficiency. Work was done to build and implement a simple gravity-fed rain-barrel system to provide our garden with necessary water in the summer months.

Grand Dekum 2013 Wishlist: Wheelbarrow, spigots.

Curious about what kind of tasks you’ll get up to during one of our work parties? See below for projects we completed in 2013!

Work Party Journal

Monday 3/25
We weeded, turned, and added compost to a few beds in the garden, then planted lentils. We also planted mint and FINISHED OUR FIRST COLD FRAME!

Friday 3/22
Got some maintenance done on our paths today, putting down cardboard/hay for weed suppression. We also planted YET MORE flower bulbs, mint, and raspberries. Lastly, we continued our work on projects such as the cold frame and de-shingling our shed.

Monday 3/18
Today we had a pea planting mishap, discovering after we had planted our snapea seeds that they were infected with the insidious “pea weevil.” So we had an unplanting adventure. (If your seeds have little round holes in them, investigate the source before putting them in the ground!) We also got some weeding done today, planted garlic and cilantro, and worked on construction projects like building a cold frame and installing spigots in our water barrels.

Friday 3/15trellises
We planted some things like parsnips, sunflowers, and lettuce and weeded all of the beds. We were also graciously donated some awesome bike wheel trellises for our pea bed that used to be a fence from a neighbor.

Monday 3/11
A day of planting at Dekum. We cleared out the back bed and planted artichokes, then cleared out an area by the sidewalk and planted lots of flower bulbs that we can’t wait to see blossom. Two awesome volunteers consolidated our compost piles into one impressive heap.

Friday 3/8
Today we put in more work on the snapea trellises and actually got some snapea seeds into the ground! We also finished the lion’s share of weeding on the remainder of our garden beds and fertilized the newly naked soil. Our garden is looking so pretty!!

Monday 3/4
A bright and sunny garden day! Today we continued to build snapea trellises. We also weeded our entire perennial herb bed with our army of volunteers and cemented a bike rack into the ground on the west side of our garden.

Friday 3/1
We fertilized our garden beds, did weeding and general de-grassing/garden neatening, planted some grass suppressing ground cover.

Monday 2/25
Today we used POWER TOOLS! We repaired/built some trellises for snap peas. We also established a board border between our herb garden and the sidewalk, turned and covered beds, planted bulbs, weeded, and trimmed back our brassica plants.

Monday 2/18
Today we prepared two beds on the west side of our garden for snap peas by tearing out the ground cover/weeds and turning the soil. One volunteer who just moved in across the street wandered over to say hello and pick up a shovel with us.

Friday 2/15
Our first day in the garden this season! We turned green mulch (clover) into our garden beds, weeded, pruned the roses, tidied up our paths with a cardboard base/straw overcoat to suppress weeds, and welcomed two volunteers into our garden.