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Inputs, Tools and Supplies


Wood chips can be delivered to your garden using ChipDrop. Just sign up your garden with an account and they will bring chips. They usually get chips to the garden within a couple weeks. They can call and email you before dropping off chips to confirm if needed. http://www.chipdrop.in

SEEDS!  UFC has a large seed bank. We aim to save seeds from our gardens every year and reduce the amount of seeds we need to buy. if you need seeds, Diana Rempe has offered to pick up any seed that you would like from the seed company that she works for every Spring. Contact Diana today to place an order!

Compost! We have a dedicated crew that turn commercial restaurant waste into compost for use in UFC gardens. The compost pile can be found at the Fertility (Our) garden on NE Garfield, just North of Failing (behind Ned Ludd restaurant). The finished, full-of-worms, happy compost is furthest to the right and under a tarp. It is available on a first come, first serve basis. When it is gone, we typically use Recology’s OMRI certified compost.

Spent coffee grounds- Ask your local coffee shop for their spent coffee grounds. They make for a great, free source of nitrogen. The Shed collects spent coffee grounds and places them outside the side door of the Tin Shed (NE 14th Place, just South of Alberta). They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring back the can and lid or transfer the grounds to your own container and leave the can and lid.

Coffee chaff and burlap sacks- Coffee chaff is a nice, free, urban source of carbon for your compost pile. Burlap sacks are a great substitution for mulch and a great way to keep weeds out of your pathways. Contact a local coffee roaster and request these items. They are typically happy to part with them for free as it reduces their garbage collection. We like Portland Roasting as they typically have a lot of both, source sustainably-grown and harvested coffee and are all-around nice people.

Clean, dry cardboard- Widmer Brewing Company has lots of 6’ x 6’ sheets of clean cardboard available for free during business hours.


Betsy The Truck- We have a big old shared farm truck. If you are a UFC garden manager or apprentice and would like to use the truck, email us at urbanfarmcollective@gmail.com to reserve it!

Shared Tools and Supplies- UFC owns a broad fork, weed whacker, irrigation supplies, seeds and bulk fertilizer. They are all stored in the Shed at Fertility Garden.

North Portland Tool Library (NTPL)- We have not been forced to spend a ton of money on tools thanks to the N. Ptd tool library which has an inventory of over 65,000 tools which can be checked out just like a library book. They are located in the basemenet of the Holy Redeemer church on NE 20th and Killingsworth. Their hours are Tuesdays, between 5pm-7:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-2pm.

Shared Kitchens- Contact Kitchen Commons to learn more about how to gain access to local kitchen space.