Urban Farm Collective

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How it works

It starts with the land. Land owners offer up their property to the collective on a season by season basis. We test the land for lead, seek out a garden manager for the site and then support the transformation into a collective, neighborhood-run garden. We hope that our land sharers will see the benefit of the neighborhood garden and will consider entrusting it to Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust. This ensures that the garden will remain a sustainable, education and research garden in perpetuity.

If you build it, they will come. Once the land sharer is on board, we begin advertising the garden management opportunity, promote and support the transformation of the lot from weeds to productive neighborhood gardens!

Then what? Once the garden is successfully producing food, we ask garden managers to bring their harvest to our weekly barter market. All produce is exchanged through a barter economy. Working members earn one barter buck (slug) per hour and all hours are created equal; whether you are building the website or pulling weeds. All produce that is not exchanged is donated to organizations that work to make a positive impact on hunger and food security.

What is a barter buck worth? How valuable each share is depends on how successful we’ve been in the gardens. Typically, if you contribute a few hours per week, you will earn enough barter income to provide your household with produce for the entire growing season. We strive toward excessive bounty so that we can share as much fresh produce with the St. Andrews food pantry as we possible can.

Weight Pounds per Slug Examples of Produce Items
Light 1 lb. = 1 slug Lettuce, kale, chard, bokchoy, spinach (leafy greens)
Medium 1 lb. = ½ slug Carrots, beets, radishes, beans, tomatoes*, turnips, kohlrabi, potatoes, small zucchini, cucumber
Heavy 1 lb. = ¼ slug Winter squash, large zucchini, pumpkins, melons
Other ½ lb. = 1 slug Herbs