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Click the yellow donate button to the right to help perpetuate our mission of bringing neighbors together to grow and share food!

We would love to see a neighborhood run garden every few blocks throughout the city. We also want to ensure that we grow in a way that preserves our values of sharing resources and making food accessible to all income-levels.

Sponsor a garden program! We have a vision of the collective being financially sustained by the business community and neighbors in which we serve. With 18 gardens in full production, we would only need a handful of like-minded businesses and neighbors to join the Tin Shed and support our mission to bring neighbors together, build community, provide garden education and improve urban food security. If you or someone you know has a business or knows a business owner who shares our values and is able to help, please do pass this along. Join the Tin Shed in sponsoring one UFC garden!! We estimate each new garden installation to cost $500 with an annual maintenance budgets of $300/year. All labor is volunteer. Costs associated with the gardens are direct operating costs. Sponsors’ logos and business information will appear on the garden signage, web site and other UFC promotional materials. Consider sponsoring a garden today. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Your sponsorship may be deducted on your tax return. Contact Janette for more information at urbanfarmcollective@gmail.com. 

Scavenge! We love to scavenge all that we can from the urban waste stream for the project. If you are skilled at finding random free wood, tools, wheel borrows, irrigation supplies, barrels, etc, consider working on our behalf. Contact us at urbanfarmcollective@gmail.com for more information. 

Donate! Help us build community by bringing people together to grow and share food! Give today.