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Barter Market

Produce Barter Market: The barter market is an integral part of the collective. Through the barter exchange economy, we strive to exit completely from the cash for goods, market economy. Everyone involved with the UFC, from volunteer administrators to land sharers to gardeners exchange their hours for a share in the collective’s produce. All hours contributed are created equally, whether you are designing software or pulling weeds. Our goal is to grow twice as much as we need to feed collective members so that we can donate the remaining 50% of our produce to organizations who work to end hunger and make a positive impact on food security. There is no membership fee. All you need to participate is your time and enthusiasm.

The weekly produce barter market is open from June 1st-October 31st, on Monday evenings, from 6-7pm in the St. Andrews church parking lot on NE 9th and Alberta, the parking lot is behind the church between NE 8th and 9th Ave.

The value of each barter buck, affectionately referred to as ‘slugs’ is dependent upon how successful we, as a collective are at growing food. In general, a few hours per week with the collective earns you enough “slugs” to feed yourself with fresh produce from June through October. The exchange rate for slugs at the market is as follows:

Weight Pounds per Slug Examples of Produce Items
Light 1 lb. = 1 slug Lettuce, kale, chard, bokchoy, spinach (leafy greens)
Medium 1 lb. = ½ slug Carrots, beets, radishes, beans, tomatoes*, turnips, kohlrabi, potatoes, small zucchini, cucumber
Heavy 1 lb. = ¼ slug Winter squash, large zucchini, pumpkins, melons
Other ½ lb. = 1 slug Herbs

We hope to recruit committed folks who are passionate about the sharing economy to help us add value to our barter currency by planning and implementing the addition of other goods and services to exchange through our established barter system.