Wildwood View Garden

Garden Manager: Angela D. Goldsmith

Land/ Water Sharer: Angela D Goldsmith

Work Party: Sundays 10am

Welcome to Wildwood View Garden – a homestead on the peninsula. This is our second season (2016) out here on the peninsula! The fruit trees and grapes are doing well, as well as the Arctic Kiwis! We hope to start getting harvests of some substance by 2018 season!

Last fall we added a greenhouse, which is awesome, especially because we were assigned nightshades and legumes for the season. It is bursting with beans, tomatoes, peppers and more. The peas are in the ground, as well as other random and wonderful goodies.

We have also just added a second hive, this time a Warre. We hope to be able to provide a little honey in our August market!

Welcome to Shana Houlton, new permaculture apprentice!

Fat Radish Garden

Fat Radish is part of the SE Node of the Urban Farm Collective. Please contact Bitsy Broughton before visiting the garden in case of any updates or changes.

Location: 5631 Mall st. (between Foster and Holgate)

Garden Managers: Bitsy Broughton and Kathryn Thomsen

Work Party: Saturdays from 9:30-11:30am. Sometimes we have random extra work parties on Mondays and Thursdays after 3pm.

Check the calendar to stay updated!

Greeley Food Forest

Location: N Greeley and Interstate (no car access)

Square Footage: ~26,000

Garden Manager: Marty Lambers (lambersmartin@gmail.com )

Work Party: Saturday at 1pm. Contact Marty to learn about Food Not Bomb meals also located at this garden!

Land/ Water Sharer: OSALT

Going Rogue Garden

Location: 4510 NE Going St.

Square Footage: ~5,000

Garden Managers: Ben Moore and Adam Filipp

Land/ Water sharer: Terran Williams

Work Party: Saturdays 12-3pm. Help is also needed on Tuesdays during the barter market season from June-October.


Urban gardening on NE Going St. is a charmed farmer’s life. Our garden in the Cully neighborhood rests on the street side of a double lot–perfect for a small farmstead. Property boundaries here lack clear definition. Humans, ducks, and chickens comprise the population of residents and neighbors.

Going Rogue Garden is one tenth of an acre. A handful of dedicated volunteers work this beautiful space and productive mini farm. Last season we double dug new beds, laid mulch, and grew our vegetable crop from seed. Going Rogue was ripe with gorgeous greens, petite potatoes, emergent eggplant, piquant peppers, and a ton of tomatoes!

In June, we teamed up with neighboring Handmade Gardens to create a family farm day, including an edible tour and lady bug release with the kids from Portland Preschool in SE. Our site was also a stop on Pedalpalooza’s urban farm tour.

This 2016 season we will continue to offer educational opportunities and connect the farm to the community. We are excited to be new members of Cully Neighborhood Farmers!

Our other goals for the farm include a dedicated structure for on site composting using pallets.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Brendan Crowe.

Do you have resources or materials to donate? We would especially benefit from:

  • a timer and drip irrigation system
  • gloves, garden shears, digging knives
  • vegetable harvesting flats
  • speedling seed trays

Fertility Garden

Location: 3930 NE Garfield St, North of Failing (behind Ned Ludd restaurant)

Square Footage: ~5,000

Garden manager: Jake

Work Party Time: Contact Jake at jkrray@gmail.com to find out!

Land sharer: OSALT

The Fertility Garden is the home of many exciting UFC projects: our large scale compost pile, greenhouse, a large water cistern, various garden beds with annuals and perennials, two tool sheds, and this year, chickens.

Fargo Food Forest Garden

Location: Corner of NE Fargo and N Williams

Square Footage: ~2,400

Garden Manager:
Laura Whitaker

Land sharer: Angela D. Goldsmith


Fargo Forest Garden is an urban food forest located in inner North Portland. Sitting on a small corner lot, it boasts numerous fruit and nut trees, as well as some wonderful understory surprises. Chinese yams, berries, artichoke, asparagus, rhubarb and more!

Currently (2016) Fargo houses 14 fruit trees, 4 nut trees and many berries, herbs, flowers and perennial vegetables.

Come visit!

Common Bond Garden

Location: 4832 NE 8th Ave. (South of Alberta, behind St. Andrews ball field and playground)

Square Footage: ~4,000

Garden Manager: Olie Kittleson

Work Parties: Sundays, 11am-2pm & Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm for harvest during barter market season


This is the fifth year that Common Bond has been participating in the Urban Farm Collective. Before that it was a community garden associated with St. Andrew’s Church for 50 years! The soil is beautiful!

The garden is equipped with:

  • Perennial fruits and flowers: raspberries, grapes, apple trees, rhubarb, dahlia, lavendar
  • A tool shed and a greenhouse
  • Compost Bins
  • Herbs; chives, sage, rosemary, rue, mint, lemon balm
  • And many bed feet dedicated to our annual Collective crop

In 2015, we grew tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, cilantro, peas, bush beans, pole beans, broccoli, kale, arugula, mustard greens, radish and turnips. We focused our energy on clearing out the grass and creating a path system, in addition to amending the soil and cleaning up the perimeter of the garden.

In the 2016 season, we are grew snap peas, bulb onions, leeks, garlic, tomatoes, radish, chard, beets, parsley, cilantro, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash and winter squash, as well as sunflowers and calendula. This season, we’ve continued to work on controlling the grass, we brought in burlap and woodchips and are working on restructuring the beds and paths to be more efficient for working and growing.

Bakari Garden

Location: 5026 NE 9th Ave

Square Footage: ~2,500

Land/Water Sharer: Latricia Tillman

Garden Manager: John Viel and Sara Bolz

Work Party: Saturday 10-1ish. Will also need help Tuesday, June-October during the barter market season.

Located in Portland’s King Neighborhood on NE 9th and Alberta, it is conveniently located across the street from the weekly UFC Market. While at the market, come check it out!

Alberta Garden

Location: 6035 NE Alberta St.

Square Footage: ~5,000

Garden Manager: Emily Hill and Amy Johnson

Land/Water Sharer: Emily Hill

Work Party: Tuesday Afternoon